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We thrive on making The Primenorman Agency the most trusted Greenville SC web design service on the market. Our Web and Graphic Design service is the best.

What’s the first impression your potential customers have of your business? Most likely it’s your website. Specifically, that very first glimpse when it is compared to that of your competitors’.

Aligning yourself with an agency that stays on the cutting edge of Greenville SC web design  can assure you have a competitive advantage in today’s fast-paced marketplace. With our focus on creativity, innovation, and meticulous attention to detail, our clients trust us to deliver experiences that are unique and leave lasting impressions.

Web Design Process

Primenorman approaches each project with a holistic mindset; and we treat our clients as partners.

We have refined and cultivated our web design and SEO process to ensure we deliver the quality we’re known for and still remain accountable for delivering each project in a timely manner.

Through meetings, phone calls and email, Our Agency  will gain an understanding of your business and  see how we can meet your needs from a Marketing Agency. We strive to give you more than just a quick price and shuffle you off to production. You are the expert in your industry, therefore we value your input above all and are here to complement your knowledge by sharing our skill sets and experience. We realize each client is unique and your success is ours, so we want to give you a tailored solution that will deliver results. We will communicate back and forth until we’ve mutually gained the utmost confidence that the service we’re proposing fits for your Web Design needs.

Creative Design

We bring ideas to life with perfectly executed creative. Our websites, videos, campaigns and copywriting build a brand story that will resonate..

First Rate Collaboration

We document and deliver every step of the process with our state-of-the-art web-based collaboration system. This keeps us accountable and makes sure everyone is in the loop.

Since everything is available online, you can check on the status of your project from any computer at any time; preview design drafts, upload images, revise content, and even communicate directly with team members! Because our designers, developers, and project managers are all collaborating with you in the same place, everyone is always on the same page – No pesky binder systems!

Web site launch and marketing

Once your website is ready to go live, we finalize billing and prep your website for deployment. We go through a series of checklists to ensure your website is error free and search engine friendly. A sitemap will be generated and your website will be submitted to all search engines for indexing. If you would like to notify your clients or visitors of your website launch, we will be able to assist you with a custom-branded email campaign.

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Generate High Quality
Web Traffic

Our  SEO marketing services are tailored to send high quality web visitors to your website.
By “high quality”, we mean visitors that are likely to be of value to you. That means potential clients, in any industry, who fit your demographic and budgetary requirements.
We strive to generate web traffic from visitors who do not already know about your website, meaning that they may be searching for a related keyword on a search engine (as opposed to your brand name) or consulting a review website to learn more about companies in your industry.
As a digital agency, we take pride in our marketing team’s achievements. You can browse our case studies for a preview of what your business can expect.

Convert More Visitors
into Customers

Our web design, planning, and conversion optimization services are focused on increasing the chances that a visitor who lands on your website will take a desired action, such as make a purchase, download a document, or fill-out a web form. We are an end-to-end web agency, which means we care about user paths from start to finish.
These types of desired actions are known as “conversions”. Every website has a conversion rate. That is the percentage of visitors who take a desired action. We specialize in increasing that percentage through improved website design, content, and usability.
We regularly provide testing services to further improve conversion rates over time through successive A/B and multivariate tests.

Increase Lifetime
Customer Value

Once a visitor has converted on your website and they’ve become a customer, we want to grow the relationship.
That relationship will lead to future business and will require a relatively low amount of effort compared to generating new business. Our services address the online aspect of this relationship building phase. For example, we use automated, trigger-based email marketing to re-engage customers in conjunction with retargeting advertising.
We’ve grown from a website design company into a full-service, international digital agency. Our approach is holistic and focused on your long-term success. Consider us your long-term digital partner.

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